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Lets say I get a hacked Pokemon from the GTS I breed it and hatch the egg will the baby Pokemon will also be screwed up because of the hacked parent??

Maybe GTS won't be so bad...


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Pullerush is correct! Tigerjay, that isn't!
You will not get a bad egg from a hacked Pokemon. A hacked Pokemon will appear the same as any other Pokemon to the game, but the only difference is that it was hacked and not obtained legitimately.
A hacked Pokemon can still be legit in some cases.

Bad eggs only occur in the game as a type of security where it will appear in such a situation that something is not making sense to the game.
You will get a bad egg, if you do such things as activate a cheat using Action replay to catch other trainer's Pokemon, and using a OHKO cheat to KO every Pokemon you fight.
In Black and White, if you use a wild Pokemon modifier to encounter a Pokemon with a Pokedex number greater than 649, the game will know you are doing something fishy, and stick a bad egg in your face.

Basically, the game will give you a bad egg if it finds out you are doing something to the game (whether it be modifying, or hacking).

- 11.11.2011 21:48

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Breeding hacked pokemon won't result on a messed up egg. It won't be a bad egg because bad eggs are generated as a result of walk through walls cheats, not pokemon cheats. The baby pokemon's moves and ability are determined by tms/egg moves the pokemon that will hatch can legimately learn that the parent knows, so cheated moves won't work, and the ability is determined the same way, except that there is no garuntee that the baby will have the same ability as the parent, and there is no chance at all of the baby getting a cheated ability.
Hope this helps...