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The save file has been erased due to corruption or damage.
What can I do to prevent this next time?

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I have had experience like this before when buying pokemon games( firered, emerald) of eBay. If I shook or dropped the ds or gameboy the game would become corrupted or turn off, if I tried to play another game while they are both in the ds( especially happening to me while trying to migrate old pokemon) it would also not work yen say hat the file has become corrupted. There is no real way to fix this, it's basically since eBay is always quite dogy, especially when buying old games, like emerald. My friend had an emerald that he bought when it came out, and when I played it I had none of the problems that I mentioned above. In conclusion, the answer is that there is nothing that you can do really, and that it's ebays fault.

Sources: personal experience.

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well right now i can think of 2 reassons why the save file was earased :

1) your game battary ran dry -that means any saved data and any incoming data will be deleted and your game lost its abilety to save mostlly happnes to old GBA games just like yours

2) your game card got damged or is filled with dust most GBA game cards are getting dusty pretty fast because of their open space that lease to all the game cards importent parts

well this is all i can think about right now
i hope this helped
try blowing in to the game cards open slot and into your DS GBA slot

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Thanx ;)
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Simple, try not to let your DS get tossed around or drop on a hard surface, etc.

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It wasn´t moving since it was saved and after 20 minutes it was deleted...not really helpful answer
Is it new? Did you by of ebay? Were you tying to migrate? I have had experiences like this before, tell me hose and I can answer your question
eBay and I was playing Diamond for few minutes, but I wasn´t migrating coz´ I didn´t finish Emerald yet
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Maybe the internal battery ran dry. This can cause problems like that. I got lucky. When mine died, it affected time-based activities so I couldn't grow berries and tides wouldn't change, but the issues are always different.

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That would write "internal battery has run dry, however..."