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Call me crazy, but I have a theory that you are more likely to find shinies in black than white. I have white and my sister has black. She has found 17 shinies in that game and I haven't any. She will sometimes find two shinies on the same day without looking. I have invested 9 hours into soft resetting for Kyurem and had no luck. She restted twelve times and found one. Coincidence? She has this kind of luck in all of her pokemon games, which are the following: leaf green, sapphire, gold, black.

I know most will think I'm wrong but does anyone else share this THEORY?

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Does she hack?
I have black.I havent caught any shinies

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If she doesn't hack shes just lucky.That's it nothing changes the change to get a shiny Pokemon other than Hacking,Masuda Method,And Chaining them(this being only in Platinum,Diamond,Pearl).Shes just lucky and you don't have that kind of luck.The only real difference in White and Black is the version exclusive Pokemon and White Forest and Black City.But in my life every shiny i ever found not got from someone else was always in Black so i can kinda get what you are saying but no its not easier in Black than in White.

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She doesn't hack. I wish I were her because we also share a computer and she gets to use it 24/7 so I'm stuck using the internet on a DS...  I just get a weird feeling she may have done a sort of accidental hack...