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Without Ancientpower, Acupressure, Silver Wind, Smeargle, or Ominous Wind, can a Pokemon max out all of of its stats with Baton Pass? Something like:

  • Cosmic Power
  • Work Up
  • Agility
  • Baton Pass
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Mew as Pwnyta said.

Meinshao and Medicham can do: Calm-mind, Bulk-up, Baton-pass, and Endure holding Salac berry

Other Pokemon that can raise alot of Stats

Mr. Mime: Iron-defense, Calm-mind, and Baton pass

Masquerein and Venomoth as Pwnyta said

Blazekin: Hone-claws and or Bulk-up, Baton-pass, and he has Speed-boost and Agility

Girafarig and Leavanny: Calm-mind, Agility, and Baton-pass

Floatzel: Bulk-up, Agility, Baton-pass

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he said not using smeargle....
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No, but there are 2 pokemon that can raise 3 stats and baton pass(not including mew).

Baton pass
quiver dance
(can learn ominous wind and silver wind and has intimidate)

Baton pass
Quiver dance

Mew can do that, though

Flame charge
Bulk up
Calm mind
Baton pass