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Are Rock & Steel types the most common heavy weights?


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Yes, rock/steel types are usually the heaviest types with ground coming in second. The heaviest pokemon is Groudon with 950kg!!

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OK the top ten heaviest Pokemon are:
1. Groudon(2094.4lbs)
2. Giratina-A(1653.5lbs)
3. Dialga(1505.8lbs)
4. Giratina-O(1433.0lbs)
5. Metagross(1212.5lbs)
6. Snorlax(1014.1lbs)
7. Heatran(948.0lbs)
8. Regigigas(925.9lbs)
9. Steelix(881.8lbs)
10. Wailord(877.4lbs)

Yes, Steel types are on average the heaviest Pokemon, but Ground Types are about the same as Rock types. 16 Ground Type Heavy Weights+Super Heavy Weights and 18 Heavy Weight Rock Types they are about the same as there are no Super Heavy Weight Rock Types.

Fun-facts: The Lightest Pokemon is Ghastly(0.2lb), and the Lightest Steel Type is Jirachi(2.4lb).


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Sort of.... But it is common for Rock/Steel types to be pretty heavy.
However, there are some Pokemon that are pretty heavy that are not Rock/Steel type.
Search on Bulbapedia for a complete list. I can't post the link because the link always leads to an error. Search: Heaviest Pokemon, and look for Bulbapedia.
You should see that a big part of the lower part are Rock/Steel types.

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Rock and steel types are the heaveast types but suprisingly Groudon is ground type and is the heavyest pokemon.