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In order from heaviest to lightest, please. I know I can look this up elsewhere. I'm just stimulating the page with a question that hasn't been asked on PDB yet since there haven't been many questions lately.

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The six heaviest Pokémon are as follows:


  1. Primal Groudon (2204.4 lbs / 999.7 kg)
  2. Groudon (2094.4 lbs / 950.0 kg)
  3. Mega Metagross (2078.7 lbs / 942.9 kg)
  4. Giratina–A (1653.5 lbs / 750.0 kg)
  5. Mega Steelix (1631.4 lbs / 740.0 kg)
  6. Dialga (1505.8 lbs / 683.0 kg)

Useless Statistics

• 50% are Ground-types.
• 50% are Steel-types.
• 33.3…% are Dragon-types.


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What about if you only count normal Pokemon (non-Megas). Since someone might want to make a team out of this 3 Megas would comlicate things.
That would make it Groudon, Giratina-A, Dialga, Zygarde-Complete, Metagross, Avalugg.

Not counting Giratina-O, or any Mega/Primals.
I like how Wailord is the biggest and fattest but weights less than 1000 lbs
According to the internet Wailord is 3x less dense than air. It's a blimp.