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on pokemon white i went to the pokemon center and nurse joy said your pokemon has pokerus (i know what pokerus is i just cant tell which of my 6 pokemon has it.
its not like pokemon pearl diamond and all that where it actually says pokerus.
Would it be my concledour which was first in my party at the time or my giliath that has a rather high attack compared to my higher lv concledoor (giliath lv 37 ATk145 concledoor lv 40 ATK142 concledoor has a better base atk of 140 and giliaths is 135
maybe giliath has a better atk for more evs

Learn how to write the names, please. It´s Gigalith and ???
Is he trying to spell Calculator or Conkeldurr?
It looks like Conkeldurr.

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If you go to the summery of your Pokemon there should be a little Pink thing that says Pokerus on it. Or when you are in the PC Box and you put the arrow over the Pokemon that if it has Pokerus it will have it on it.

It's kind of purple-ish, but same thing.
Also, it will be initialed in a little rectangle "PKRS".
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it'll be your pokemon in the first place as it is the one that battled the wild pokemon with pokerus..