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I'm trying to get past the guy guarding the a cave entrence in Mt. What's it... He says he doesn't have any Pokemon and don't mind him and he's right in front of the entrence! I have already battled all the team galactic people in that cave and I don't knapp what to do now! There's a guy that won't let me on a route to Sunyshore city so I can't go there. Please please please help me!!!!

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have you done team galactic's hq?
Yes and i have let Azelf Mesprit and uxie free

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You need to go through the Distortion World and catch/defeat Giratina. Then the man will no longer be there.

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Wheres the distortion world?!
You are supposed to go there after you beat Galactic.
Watch that.
Ok so when u go up the mountain u rockslide twice... The first time u stop and don't go up again? Is that right?