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Another good item would be a Focus Sash.

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Black Sludge would be cool, show them Tricksters.
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Life Orb or Wise Glasses will work.

Wise Glasses will not work.
why wouldnt wide glasses work it boosts it sp atk
Because of the very low boost it gives, Just not worth it. Life Orb or Choice Specs is what you'll want for power-up item.
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It depends on your strategy.....if your strategy for example is your using a sub disable set, then it's best to use leftover to recoves some of the sub damage.

But if you just want raw power then I would suggest a life orb.

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As FI said, Black Sludge over Leftovers on Gengar.
Show them Tricksters, they waste a turn using Trick on you, and they get your Black Sludge. They waste another turn tricking it back to the same Gengar. FAIL