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Unable to evolve myself a Shedinja in Pokemon White

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ok so im trying to evolve myself a shedinja in pokemon white, but it isnt working.
i have evolved one before by getting a nincada to level 20 and having an empty slot in my party and since then read on this site shedinja can have the egg moves silver wind and bug bite so natraully want one with those moves.
but every time i get my new nincada to level 20 it evolves into ninjask and dosnt give me a shedinja, ive even evolved it when its the only pokemon in my party. ive tried many times but no shedinja appears.
what is wrong?
the only thing diffrent from the last one i evolved is that this has powerfull egg moves an is ev trained to the max, will it not evolve with the moves?
and this will be the second i have evolved, are you only allowed one?
does anyone know how to fix this?

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my nincada has the moves i want, it is the only pokemon in my party and i have 30plus pokeballs.
any other ideas?

4 Answers

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Your Nincada should evolve into a Ninjask and in the empty slot there should be a Shedinja in there if not then check if you have a pokeball in your bag.

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my nincada  is the only pokemon in my party and i have 30plus pokeballs, still no joy.
 any other ideas?
Are they pokeballs, specifically? Not great balls, not premier balls, but the original pokeball?
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Well, to get shedinja, you must first level up a Nincada to level 20 with a spare slot and pokeball.
Secondly, you need to breed a female nincada/ninjask with a male pokemon that knows bug bite and silver wind in the Bug egg group. The ones that learn both of the moves by lvl up are : dustox, beautifly, volcarona.

PS. dont use silverwind on shedinja, it's special atk sucks

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my nincada has the moves i want, it is the only pokemon in my party and i have 30plus pokeballs, still no shedinja.
 any other ideas?
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check and see if you have an extra pokeball available o.o

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i have like 30 pokeballs and ninjask is the only pokemon in my party. any other ideas?
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Sorry Fudgeturret, those are the only conditions that apply:
- Lv. 20 Nincada
- Extra Pokeball (In R/S/E. you do not need a Pokeball)
- One empty slot in your party
- Nincada isn't holding an Everstone.*

Do you know if your Nincada is holding an Everstone?

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hes holding a lucky egg....
realy dont understand why it wont work
Really? That's awfully weird.
I hope you get it figured out sometime!
I will provide more information if any comes along.
Try it without the lucky egg