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The Cressalia has 413 HP and 372 Def. How much damage will these moves do to Cressalia?

Krookodile 332 Attack: Crunch and Pursuit (Pursuit's damage will be base 40, non-switching damage).

Also: If they does not have any chance (not counting Crit Hit) of getting a OHKO, what is the lowest my attack stat can be and still get a 2HKO every time? Do this for Crunch and Pursuit.


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Here are the damage amounts:
attack- min damage-max damage

Pursuit (non-switch): 82-96 HP

Pursuit (Switching) 158-186 HP

Crunch-158-186 HP

These all assume you have no item, moxie boosts, critical hits or defense drops from Crunch, so keep that in mind. The goal is to get 206.5 HP~207 HP of damage, and with max attack, (366) you can do about 174-204 damage to this Cresselia (using crunch), meaning at the very best, it still has about 3 HP to spare, so you can't OHKO it without changing something like adding an item. If you happened to get a critical hit, moxie boost, or defense drop from Crunch, you could take it out, but obviously, you're not trying to depend on luck here.

Wait, so I can't get a OHKO or a 2HKO? Really? Wow. This thing is bulkier than I thought it would be. I would think a 333 STAB Crunch would do more.
Just to put it even more in perspective, even if you had a life orb, a +1 attack from moxie, and max attack (366) you still couldn't OHKO it.
Damn, guess I'll have to consider this one.