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i making a mono ground type team i need to choose between landorus or excadrill which should i choose

eesh... excadrill to cover ice, or landourous for.... well, something.

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This is like comparing peanut butter and jelly (pun intended XD). There really isn't a best answer unless we know the other Pokemon. Excadrill is a very good Sandstorm Sweeper, able to rip through many things. On the other hand, Landorus can Sweep many things regardless of whether (again, pun intended) there is Sand up or not with it's large Attack stat and a Choice Scarf. It's power is also boosted with Sand Force.

Overall, I would use Excadrill if you aren't using Smogon tiers and you want a more defensive Sweeper. I would use Landorus if you want a powerful Revenge Killer and a straight up Sweeper.

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i would choose landorus over excadrill for coverage
as excadrill has a very limited movepool consisting of EQ rockslide and x-scissor
on the other hand landorus gets HP ice along with u-turn for scouting and his EQ and stone edge get a boost from sand force. U can also use outrage if u cant get hp ice on him

i forgot to mention landorus immunity to EQ also makes him a better choice