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Sassy = -Spe +SDef
Would be Umbreon the best choice? Also, moveset and EVs please :3

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Umbreon would be pretty much the best choice, as you guessed. A cursing set would be best for this, since curse lowers speed, and you have a speed lowering nature.

Umbreon @ Leftovers
252 HP Evs 252 SpD Evs 4 Def Evs


A healing tank, Curses up and rapes face. Wish for recovery, curse for added Defence, as well as Attack. Straight forward.

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Nice try but Wish is an egg move...
Then use Moonlight.
That could work...
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Umbreon is the best choice. A great moveset for umbreon in ur caseis
Return/Batton Pass
Evs should be 252Hp 252 Spd 4Def

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