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1) Use Ditto amap. (As Much As Possible). It makes it easier for every Pokemon that is possible for breeding.
2) Flame Body. It reduces the amount of steps you need to take by half to hatch the egg. Very helpful.
3) Bridges and Bikes. Even more help for hatching eggs.
4) Have more than one egg at a time. Then you provide steps for many eggs at once.

All I can think of now. Hope this helped!
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Yo thanks for the great help Lucario!
YOu're welcome! =) Got the dance thing from J98 on Hydreigon moveset Q/A.
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If there's one thing I know about pokemon-it's breeding.

  1. Have the same pokemon or a ditto.
  2. check to see if you want to pass down a move or ability
  3. keep count of how many eggs you got-you shouldn't have more then you can handle
  4. Have a pokemon with flame body to help the egg hatch faster-and ride a bike
  5. Alternate eggs and hatch all the eggs you get

That's all I can think of. Have fun! And tell me in the comments if you wanna egg spin-I have a zoura and axew, all starters from Univa and sinnoh and really anything you can think of.

(I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure if I can ask for trades/egg spins on here as part of my answer, so please don't flag me if I'm not supposed to. Just tell me and I'll never do it again! I swear!)

Do you have any dream world starters or one with egg moves. Thanks for the answer!