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I want a Snivy with Iron tail and one with twister.
Oshawott with copycat and one with night slash
Tepig with magnitude and one with superpower
Munna with curse and secret power
And Zoura with snatch and sucker punch. Thanks for the help!


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To get a Snivy with Twister and Iron Tail,get a Farfetch'd in Gen 4,teach it the TM Iron Tail,then take it to the move tutor and teach it Twister,migrate it and breed it with a female Snivy (Farfetch'd has to be male). Also,since Snivy is in the Field Egg Group,you can get a Smeargle to sketch those moves and then breed it with Snivy.
The only way to get an Oshawott with Copycat and Night Slash is to sketch them with Smeargle,then breed it with an Oshawott.
To get a Tepig with Superpower and Magnitude, get a Donphan,it learns Mangitude by level,then teach it Superpower from the Gen 4 move tutor,migrate it and breed it with Tepig. You can also breed Magnitude into a Rhyhorn,teach it Superpower from the move tutor and then breed it with a Tepig. And again,it is possible to breed Tepig with Smeargle.
To get a Munna with Secret Power and Curse,breed Curse into and Eevee,Farfetch'd,Rhyhorn,Wooper,Swinub,Miltank,Torchic,Slakoth,Electrike,Wailmer,Zangoose,Absol,Spheal or Hippopotas,then teach the one you chose Secret Power via TM,and then breed it with Munna. And again,using Smeargle is an option.
To get a Zorua with Snatch and Sucker Punch breed it with a Liepard which learns these two moves via level.You can also breed Snatch to a Poochyena or Glameow,then level them up until they learn Sucker Punch then breed them. Breed Sucker Punch into Ekans then teach it Snatch via TM then breed it.You can also teach Snatch to either Houndoom or Umbreon then teach them Sucker Punch via Move tutor. And again,Smeargle is an option.

Wow thanks!