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Is there a way I can get Meowth to know Assist and Iron Tail? And if so, how?
I have one that knows assist and one that knows iron tail, but i cant figure out how to get BOTH passed down...
((without hacking i mean))


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Only the male (father) may pass down moves. So, breed with a male Glameow/Purugly that know Assist and Iron Tail. Breed with a female Meowth, and the result will be a Meowth with Assist and Iron Tail. Oh, and you could use Smeargle too. Look at this link HERE for more 411. Hope this helps!!!

thanks -ill see if i can find a glameow / purugly
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If you TM Iron tail to a male Skitty, Glameow, or Purugly in Gen IV then transfer it too Gen V then you can breed them. Or you can Sketch them with a male Smeargle. Note: To Sketch Assist you must have Assist fail.

White is the only game i have... i havent got any other gen's yet
how do i get assist to fail ? ((soz im relatively new to playing))
Go into a double battle and only have Smeargle and The Pokemon with Assist in your party so when it uses Assist it will fail because it will not do any of your moves or Sketch.
FAB !! thanks alot :)