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How to get a snivy with Contrary?

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Contrary Snivy is a Pokemon that you can find in the dream world. Currently in the US you cannot find one in the DW but however another method is to hack or get a Japanese one in the GTS. You can't breed for one so don't bother to try to make a snivy army. (Unless if you breed a contrary Snivy, Servine, Serperior)

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Sumed up unrecognizable and hollie's answers
Yeah! Snivy army!
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Either you get it from hacking or you trade with someone who has it already.

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I believe this is only available in Japan. If you use the GTS or something, you could of course get it by trade but Contrary is a DW ability and you can't find Snivy in the DW in the US. Or, of course, you can breed it to a Snivy somehow.

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I'm From Europe
I have a female japanese contrary serperior, bred a few contrary snivy eggies, but pokebank doesnt let me transfer them even though they are real. (real meaning they were created in-game and not just a hacked pokemon created to be legit - a pokemon that has correct code, but not necessarily found in-game)