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Also, does a Pokemon holding Exp. Share gain more Experience if it is the only one in the battle (more than it would get without Exp. Share?)


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No, exp share doesnt give more xp for being only 1 in battle.
A lucky Egg doubles the amount of xp gotten from each pokemon.

Does Lucky Egg give more experience? Also, when you are writing your answers/comments, are your letters put at the start of the sentence after a while?
What r you talking a bout? Yes, lucky egg gives more xp.
Never mind. It must just be my computer.
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Exp share splits exp gained among pokemon. Lucky egg increase the amount gained by 50%

Must capture more Chanseys. Too bad they are the hardest Pokemon too find that you can find in HG.
There's a 5% chance of it having one.
Yeah, just looked at that on Serebii.net. This is going to be annoying.