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Say I have a party of six pokemon, and a Mightyena is the only pokemon I have that hasn't fainted. He is poisoned, and has 10 HP left. What will happen when those ten steps are up, and he faints? You have no other pokemon, so do you just randomly black out and go to the pokemon center? Would you lose money?

When those fourty* steps are up, it's four steps = damage... right?

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Mightyena would heal itself at 1 HP.

I read that this is only in Gen IV and V, does it apply in Gen I-III as well?
Do not know.
-No experience XDD

Just tried this on a gen III game and got this message:

"Cyndaquil fainted! DT is out of usable pokemon! DT panicked and dropped 100 dollars..."
dropped $100 lol