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I need the ability truant for a strategy, is this possible?

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Do you mean can you Skill swap it away? No you can't because Slaking can't learn Skill Swap (I wish it could). If this is not what you mean, then yes, I think you can Trace the ability, although it won't be that useful as only two Pokemon have that ability.

My plan was to use skill swap and take truant from slaking, then pass it to an opponent.
Good strategy. I might have to use that in Double battles.
That is my grand plan, A slaking free to attack, and your opponent can't escape on that 1st turn because of their new ability.
A Slaking without Truant will be a force to be reckoned with. Just watch out for those first turns while you are setting up.
I have moves on my supporting pokemon like follow me to draw fire away. Then slaking has protect, I use it every other turn so they can't attack me. Then I hit them during the truant turn.