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i recently bought pokemon white from london english version last week but i planned to buy US version so me buying the london version was a good choice?

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What kind of DS are you using?
Probably just a DS Lite or just the ordinary DS. Anyway, what differance does it make? The DSi's are more "intelligent"? (LOL, duh!)
He might be wondering if a 3DS is being used.
Good point. Still, exept for the 3D effect, they're not much different from a DSi exept all the obvious stuff like a few new installments like the AR Card and whatnot. Still, I don't see why what console you use effects Pokemon via Wi-Fi...

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The games are the same as they are both in English. The Wi-fi events are effected however. If you have a game from England then you must do the Wi-fi events when the events are in Europe, but if you have a US version then you must wait for them to be in the US.

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Also I am not sure but I think you must be in the country the Wi-Fi event is at in order to receive them, so if you live in England then you should have the England edition if you live in the States/Canada then you should use the North American edition.