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If Ditto is holding the Eviolite and transformed into an un-evolved Pokemon would he get the boosts from the evolite? Also if Ditto was not holding the Eviolite but he transformed into a Pokemon that was holding the Eviolite would he get the boosts, like how he copies the stat boosts from things like S-dance? Also if he was holding the Eviolite and he transformed into a Pokemon with the Eviolite would he get the boost from both of them?

The Pokemon, The Imposter, and The Eviolite

I was just about to ask  this xP
probably not because the ditto with the evolite only will be affected by if he is evolved or not.the pokemon that he transforms into will not affect this exp boost by the evolite at all.
The Eviolite has nothing to do with Exp. it boosts defenses. I want an informed answer please.
that explains alot on why my pokemon dont lvl up as fast
Lol give them lucky egg they get 50% more exp
The evolite increases not fully evolved pokemon def and spdef by 50% for example scyther with it's base def and spdef is both 80 with evolite it becomes 120

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No, even if ditto has the eviolite and transforms into an un-evolved pokemon the game still registers it as a ditto which has no evolution so sadly this would not work.

Can you give a source? Was this Personal experience? Did you get this from another site?
I have learned this by personal experience from playing the game.