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okay so im really thinking of using sand veil instead of hyper cutter for gliscor. none of his attacking moves are going to be hitting salamence or gyarados hard anyway(except stone edge but im not using that move,i have a reason)anyway i dont have a sandstreamer and i dont plan on it so i thought of having the move sandstorm in my gliscors moveset instead of stealth rock. both moves hit the opponent indirectly and requires one turn to set up.other moves for gliscor are roost,earthquake and maybe fire fang but no so sure yet. oh and also my aggron benefits from sandstorm but my other 4 doesnt. so these are my exact questions:
1)should gliscor have sandstorm instead of stealth rock?
2)if sandstorm is a bad choice,should it still have the ability sand veil?
3)i would love the extra evasiveness on him as a wall but is it still worth using sandstorm or is it a waste on his moveset?meaning i have to pray for opponents to use tyranitar/hippowodon if it doesnt have sandstorm

Ice Fang takes care of Salamence. Thunder Fang=Dead Gyarados.
yea but i might use one of those moves but definitely not both. so are you saying hyper cutter is the better ability?
No, I'm just saying that Intimidate users are usually easily taken care of.

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1) Sandstorm will work great, although rocks are helpful, they're not required. Gliscor's not the only rock setter out there, you can just have another =)
2) Sand veil will work fine to help his evasiveness. Besides, if you don't have Sandstorm, as you say, there would be almost no point in having Sand Veil.
3) If he's a wall, then yes, it's fine to use Sandstorm as it blocks Lefties and hinders your opponent besides. Just make sure it doesn't hinder your teammates!!!

thanks!this is probably one of the best answers i got! but the problem is i dont have any more guys to use stealth rock so should i just not use stealth rock at all?(aggron can but i already have a good moveset for him)