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I've heard of natures but I dont actually really know what they do...


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Nature Info___ (Gen 4) Fav. and least fav. Poffins

Lonely +10% Attack -10% Defense Likes Spicy, dislikes Sour
Adamant +10% Attack -10% Special Attack Likes Spicy, dislikes Dry
Naughty +10% Attack -10% Special Defense Likes Spicy, dislikes Bitter
Brave +10% Attack -10% Speed Likes Spicy, dislikes Sweet
Bold +10% Defense -10% Attack Likes Sour, dislikes Spicy
Impish +10% Defense -10% Special Attack Likes Sour, dislikes Dry
Lax +10% Defense -10% Special Defense Likes Sour, dislikes Bitter
Relaxed +10% Defense -10% Speed Likes Sour, dislikes Sweet
Modest +10% Special Attack -10% Attack Likes Dry, dislikes Spicy
Mild +10% Special Attack -10% Defense Likes Dry, dislikes Sour
Rash +10% Special Attack -10% Special Defense Likes Dry, dislikes Bitter
Quiet +10% Special Attack -10% Speed Likes Dry, dislikes Sweet
Calm +10% Special Defense -10% Attack Likes Bitter, dislikes Spicy
Gentle +10% Special Defense -10% Defense Likes Bitter, dislikes Sour
Careful +10% Special Defense -10% Special Attack Likes Bitter, dislikes Dry
Sassy +10% Special Defense -10% Speed Likes Bitter, dislikes Sweet
Timid +10% Speed -10% Attack Likes Sweet, dislikes Spicy
Hasty +10% Speed -10% Defense Likes Sweet, dislikes Sour
Jolly +10% Speed -10% Special Attack Likes Sweet, dislikes Dry
Naive +10% Speed -10% Special Defense Likes Sweet, dislikes Bitter
Bashful No change Equal preferences
Docile No change Equal preferences
Hardy No change Equal preferences
Quirky No change Equal preferences
Serious No change Equal preferences

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there are 25 in total
5 are neutral no stats are effected
then 5 increase atk
5 for def and 5 for so but they also decrease a stat
they increase and decrease a stat by 10%
so if i had sassy nature on a bulbasaur it would be plus spdef by 10% - speed by 10%
they also decide what tastes your pokemon like
for more info and actually which nature affects what click here tells you everything bulbapedia

Hey, I just noticed, on the skills the increased stat is red and the decreased stat is blue!
yep it tells you everything
But that does not apply in Generation I. II. or III games.
You had to know what that nature was; and I'm not sure about Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

(The red and blue indicator)