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I am offering a lvl.100 gardevoir for an arceus any level and no one is trading, why is that?

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Wow my very first Question of 710 and counting.
Speed, I have an Arceus but I won't trade it (because is the only one I have)
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i have arceus but i need dialga and i will trade him i have  and i will trade only one first ask and has dialga will get it
i want milotic

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Probably because very few people have Arceus. You just have to be patient. Maybe try offering a more rare pokemon like Milotic or a legendary.

(Side question: how are you able to request Arceus on the GTS, did you "see" it somewhere?)

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my friend showed me arceus
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Maybe its because its a great pokemon and no one wants to trade it.
If you really want one,just be patient.

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not alot of people have arceus and if they did they would wanna keep it

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