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I want to check but I don't know where or how.


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You can check here:


Your Pokemon need to be at LV 50 or 100. If you want to check for your Pokemon's IVs, you need to know its exact EVs to do so. You can also check if your Pokemon has high IVs In-Game by going to the Battle Subway. Also, you can check to see if your Pokemon's EVs are maxed out by going to a house in Opelucid City.

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U can upload ur pokemon to http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=stats
There u can check ur pokemons exact ivs and evs and also their happiness.
U can also check wether a poke is legit or hacked.

This may work for others, but for me my internet is too high to access it. It has a grey bar. Is there an other way I can change it?
depending on what ds you are using u might need either WEP or WPA.
For DS Lite u need to have ur internet security on WEP
Thanks, I'll see if it works. IT might not but thanks anyways.