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For example:

Rainbow Wing: Ho-oh
Silver Wing: Lugia
Lucky Punch: Chansey
Gradicea: Shaymin
Adamant Orb: Dialga
Lustrous Orb: Palkia
Griseous Orb: Giratina
Light Ball: Pikachu

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Adamant Orb- Dialga
Burn Drive, Chill Drive, Douse Drive, Shock Drive, - Genesect
Deep Sea Tooth/Scale- Clamperl
Griseous Orb- Giratina
Light Ball- Pikachu
Lucky Punch- Chansey
Lustrous Orb- Palkia
Metal/Quick Powder- Ditto
Rainbow Wing- Ho-oh
Silver Wing- Lugia
Soul Dew- Latious/Latias
Stick- Farfetch'd
Thick Club- Cubone/ Marowak

And things like Reaper Cloth that are for an evolution line that "Is loved by a certain pokemon".

I'm pretty sure this is all of them.
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