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I have a Tyranitar on Pokemon Online with Crunch, Pursuit, Fire Blast and Stealth Rock but would like a better EV spread and possibly Nature for it.
Now I'm using 252 HP 128 Atk 128 Sp.Atk Brave Leftovers
Suggestions anyone?


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You have a interesting movest
The one you have already is quite good maybe use brave nature
I would use 252hp 156spatk 100atk
It's Atk is already very high so if you want a mixed sweeper maybe focus more on its lower Atk stat
I would also for mine and your set use brave and life orb
I'm guessing fire blast is coverage.
I would rather go for a physical set and use adamant 252atk 4hp 252speed
You can always use fire fang or areal ace to deal with fighting Pokemon
I like to use rock polish as well

Sounds good thanks!