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You cannot buy Max Revives, ever!
They are quite rare, but you can purchase something of equivalence in the Driftveil Market called a Revival Herb.

They are actually pretty cheap (only 2800 each!), and they have the same effect as a Max Revive.
The only fault about all of the herb items (in the Driftveil Market you can also purchase various other herb items similar to other types of potions such as Hyper Potions, Full-Heals, etc.) is that it "tastes bitter" which lowers the Pokemon's happiness a bit.

- 01.15.2012 5:04a

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Adding on to gios answer there are more places
You get 1 on rt 10 from bianca
Rt 11 with dowsing machine
Rt15 With dowsing machine
Relic castle
Nimbassa city
MOor of icirus
Victory road
Giant casim
Ns castle
Hope this helps http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/maxrevive.shtml