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Besides repels, what is the best way to keep wild pokemon away?

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To keep Pokemon away, you can give your lead pokemon a Cleanse Tag, which will prevent pokemon below your lead's level from appearing. You can find it in Icarris City (in white). What Hashkif said is also true.

To plain old escape, you can have a pokemon with the ability Run Away. You also could use a smoke ball (found in Castillia City in white). Another escame method could be to use the move Whirlwind.

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roar?what about that
yeah that can work but its -6 priority meening the opponent can atk first
oh! ok thnx.....
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Keeping pokemon away isnt very hard. They're attracted to sound. So running or biking would make more pokemon to come.

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So walk threw tall grass -.-
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You also could have a Torkoal/Muk in the front of your party.

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or a black flute correct me if im wrong