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If anyone bought a new copy of pokemon black or white, please tell me the password to get Lucario with the dream world ability, I really need it!!!

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i don know about the ability  but i know that you can get a lucario,  hope that helps
that doesnt answer his question at all
sorry to say but: even if you do find a password it is probably used and wont work so id just say live with it and train like i told my brother against ghetsis and my influence caused N and GHETSIS a arrest that forced them away. anywayback to the point you have to buy your own copy because anyone in the right mind will use the password before giving it away.
in the name of the question it say JUSTIFIED lucario
Thanks for the help guys!!!   :)
check the answer i put on bottom
Go to this link if you ever get an Action Replay DS device:

I know this doesn't answer the password question. The password is 1-time use. it sucks that other countries got  a universal password. I think the pokemon fan community should protest to nintendo and gamefreak about this. it's unfair.

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You will not be able to get the password for the special Lucario because it has a unique password, which means that one password per Lucario. The codes for this were only available for some games purchased at Target.
Your only chance of getting this Lucario is by trading it with somebody that has already claimed it, or to find somebody SO NICE ENOUGH to give you their code for some reason, and I doubt anybody would give anybody else their own unique code.

"The password for this promotion came with specially marked copies of Pokémon Black and White available in participating American Target stores starting January 15. Copies with the password were limited." - Bulbapedia

These unique codes are very rare, so good luck finding one. (You can also try purchasing another Pokemon Black or White at Target now and hope that it has a code? Haha)

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I don't know what any of you are talking about but you all are very wrong lol. if you went on the pokemon site in the gbl under promotions it tells you to search EUROGAMER for the password. and it is easy to find. i found it. and used it just about 10 minutes ago. march 18 2012. so don't listen to them. it is still available. the password is LUCAEUROGAMERNET
try it out...

that is for europe.
I live in canada and bought the game in canada, i didn't recieve anything special in my pokemon white game case. i found the password, simply put it in and i got a lucario.
oh, sorry.  its for european VERSIONS of the game.