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What game are you asking about? What do you want to do with this Lucario? Do you want to battle other people, in-game trainers, or something else?
If you are using it in a playthrought, that is a quite decent nature, however be aware that aura sphere will be weakned

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Anything works


Absolutely not. You want Adamant / Jolly for physical sets and Modest / Timid for special sets.

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Impish on a lucario is bad considering its fraility with its 70/70/70 base defences, so in competitive, its better to just run Adamant/Jolly for physical sets and modest/timid for special sets.

In game playthroughs it works fine since anything works

what does this answer add to Z answer? or did i miss something?
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That's a okay nature for a Lucario, but don't invest on using special moves on it, use physical moves.

That nature might tank an Earthquake.

Lucario isn't capable of tanking an earthquake
It cant tank an eq, not even bulldoze
It depends on which Pokémon is using Earthquake. The answer's not *totally* wrong, Impish 0/0 Lucario can tank an Earthquake from Abomasnow :V.
But yeah the answer can be better.