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I just recently hatched a shiny Riolu but it has an Impish nature and I planned on evolving him into a Lucario and using him on my team. So is Impish a bad nature for a Lucario?


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Honestly Impish is not a very good Nature for Lucario especially if you're play competitively and running a Special Set, as Impish increases Defense and decreases Special Attack.

Natures I'd recommend for Lucario:

Physical Set: Jolly (+Speed -Special Attack), Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack).

Special Set: Timid (+Speed -Attack), Modest (+Special Attack -Attack).

But since it's Shiny it up to you what you do with it, if you want my advice especially if you're playing competitively I'd try to get a Lucario with one of the Natures above.

Natures, EV's and IV's are much more important than a Pokémon being Shiny. As Shininess does nothing for a Pokémon other than change it's color.

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Oh Ok, thanks for the recommendation. :D
No problem and your welcome :)
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It's not the best, but with Lucario it's not worth keeping him off your team. Lucario has pretty overall stats and he can be used as a wall, also in his mega form his attack is higher than his special attack! He has decent defense and this nature can actual be useful so I would still use him. Hope this helped!

Yes, that helped a lot thank you!