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I understand what natures do and what bonus they can have but i'm seeing a lot of Wi-Fi battlers telling me they're using - for there Pokemon's natures something like this:

Hydreigon - Hasty Nature - (Speed+ Defence-)

Surely you'd wanna keep the Defence and go for some other nature like Timid which would suit Hydreigon.


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A few possibilities:

1). They're nubs

2) In your case of the timid Hydreigon, perhaps they would be using mixed sets. Some people use mixed sets for an element of surprise, or to make they're offensive Pokemon harder to wall and troll.

3) It could just be that nature is what they were saddled wit. In terms of rare Pokemon (they wouldn't bother going out to find another because it would take to long, so they make due with what they have), or they are just too lazy.

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They could also trick you
Dont think so man! the natures are for ev training!
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Some trainers want a special type of Pokemon just like the Pokemon needs to strike fist then he needs Speed+ and strike hard (Attack+) So this is why some people want a special type of nature.
The trainer can also Ev train in order to get the things he wants.