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  • Has Good Sp. Atk
  • also having a great Atk
  • is good in a sandstorm team
  • have 2 to 3 weaknesses
  • has a great moveset
  • and a good ability to match the moveset
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High S.Attack, Magic-guard prevents Sand damage, 3 weaknesses(Ghost, Dark, Bug), Good moveset: Charge-beam, HP(Fighting/Fire)/Focus-blast, Psyshock, and Shadow-ball. Magic-guard as I said before, it also eliminates Life-orb damage.

92 S.Attack and 83 Attack. Immune to sand and helps counter water types. 1 weakness(Grass). Good moveset: Scald, Stockpile, Ice-beam, Recover/Earthpower. Storm drain boosts S.Attack when hit by a water type move, very useful.

Great in both offenses 110 Attack, and 115 S.Attack. Immune to sand. 3 Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, and Fire. AMAZING movepool the sets are many Physical: Extreme-speed, Earthquake, Drain-punch/Close-combat, Bulk-up/Swords-dance. Special: Aura-sphere, Psychic, Dragon-pulse, Nasty-plot/Vacuum wave. Stead-fast is a very useful ability.