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  • works good in a Blteam
  • has less than 3 weaknesses
  • cannot be cofagrigus or nidoking
  • has moves to cover there weaknesses
  • has good atk/sp.atk
What is BLteam?
Border Line It's a Tier:)

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BL tier, 3 Weaknesses, Flamethrower or Fire-punch covers Bug, Shadow-ball covers Ghost, Signal-beam or U-turn covers Dark, 125 in both Attack and S. Attack.

BL tier, 2 Weaknesses, Ice-punch for Grass and Earthquake for Electric, 105 Attack(can be further boosted by D-dance).

BL tier, 2 Weaknesses, Fire-punch/Stone-edge or Flamethrower for Ice coverage, STAB Dragon-claw/Outrage or Dragon-pulse for Dragon coverage. 100 Attack and 80 S.Attack.

BL tier, 2 Weaknesses, Flamethrower for Bug, Extrasensory for Fighting, 120 S.Attack. (Note: You can run Physical with this guy but it is not as hard hitting).

What Happened 2 Your Imigas?
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Torterra is a good one. He has great atk and good sp.atk. He may have more than 3 weaknesses but he can learn attacks to cover them. For fire, earthquake. For flying and bug and ice, Stone edge or rock slide

Electivire has great stats and can counter ground with more than just ice.

Magmortar has 3 weakness, all which he can counter. He can learn thunder punch from his pre-evolved forms. He can also be taught brick break which counter attack ground and rock.

This list goes on and on but there are the ones I think would help you the most

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Rock Tomb??? Stone-edge or Rock-slide for the rock move. Also Gyrados is OU.
Ground isn't even super effective against Ice, just saying though.
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