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right... this is a bit complicated. my pokemon black, for some strange reason, says its spring. the date onmy nintendo dsi is correct, and the weirdest is that when i go to save the game (where before saving it shows you the current date), it also has the correct date! but it still insists on showing spring. can i do anything to fix this?

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Pokemon Black have 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Spring -> January, May, September

Summer -> February, June, October

Fall/Autumn -> March, July, November

Winter -> April, August, December

It's like that, 100% correct

oh! my first best answer
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the seasons change a month , every month it will be an other season .
it doesn't have anyting to do with the real date .
In the beginning I asked myself the same
but if you read the back of the box ,it says that the seasons change a month

thanx! both of u. its quite weird though