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well im kinda having trouble accessing dream world, i created my account on the pokemon global link, entered my sync ID thing in the pokemon global link and it says it's already in use?! what should i do? i really wanna use the dream world, please help?!

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Before anyone can help you, you must retype the question and not use text speech or weird symbols. I can not understand what you are saying.

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You might have it registered and just dont know it. Try accessing it by putting a pokemon in the dream world from your game. If that doesnt work you can restart you game and get a whole new id and register that instead.

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yeah i probably do. i have been trying that for a while but all it says it that my pokemon isn't dreaming yet and ive left them there for a pretty long time too. i was actually thinking of starting a new game but i don't own another black/white to transfer them too and ive also completed my pokedex, so i kinda dont wanna start it over and lose all my pokemon.
okay lets see tell me how you put the pokemon to sleep
well... how is else is there? dont you just click on the C-Gear thing, pick a pokemon and just go into the entralink or whatever when there tucked in bed?