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ive been hearing more and more words on this site for pokemon they seem like classification.

i already know what UBER is but what are the others like tank and sweeper and those types of pokemon.


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Those are called "Roles"
A list:
- Baton Passers
- Spinners
- Walls
- Stallers
- Tanks
- Sweepers
- Support
- Hazers/Phazers
- Clerics/Healers

Here is a great description of them by Linkpower22 :D http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/38940/what-are-the-different-kinds-pokemon-competitive-battling#a38954

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This link from Psypokes will help you understand more about tanks,sweepers,spinner,etc. in detail. Hope this helped :)

EDIT : Note that this is from Generation 3,but it applies to POKeMON from other Generations as well.