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Since this seems to be a common thing, sort of, I was wondering if there are any others besides the ones I've found?
They are:

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Oh yes, I just didn't see it until now, I was in virtual school, speaking of, this is my last day of Virtual School, so next year I'm going to High School! I'm really excited for it.
Kewl (filler)
What does that mean, and thanks for adding Dugtrio.
Kewl means cool lol
Ah, kewl, I'm not very familiar with slang and stuff, and I didn't read it aloud. Kwel.

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Ok, some are a bit controversial, but......You can ignore them if you don't believe em. I'm using the db name origins page.

VulpIX (based off of 6)
NINEtales (nine)
DugTRIO (Trio, three)
DoDUO (kinda controversial, but duo is two)
DoDRIO (same as above, but trio, not duo)
GyaraDOS (Two in spanish, controversial)
ArticUNO (One in Spanish)
ZapDOS (Two in Spanish)
MolTRES (Three in Spanish)
MewTWO (.....Two)
AriaDOS (Two in Spanish)
Porygon TWO (.....Two)
SOLOsis (Solo)
DUOsion (Duo)
DEINo (Ein is one in german)
ZWEIlous (Zwei is two in german)
HyDREIgon (Drei is three in german)
BInacle (Bi is two)
Type: NULL (Null is zero in german, could also be just Null in general)
ZERaora (Zero)

This is all I got, I went through every single Pokemon. Dear god, please don't ask questions like this. I answered to get this off of the unanswered list.

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You missed Dugtrio. Also I don't think Gyarados and Ariados should count because the fact that they contain the Spanish word for 2 is almost certainly a coincidence and not intentional.
Thanks so much TPB. Also, sumwun, he said that some where contreversial and that you don't need to believe them all. But please, if you haven't, add Dugtrio, sorry about this.
I just added Dugtrio :)