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I Hope I wasn't the only person to notice that all the main girl characters names are more than just names. Like that Misty is a form of weather and May is a month, Dawn is a time of day, and Iris is a flower or it is Greek for rainbow. Weird right? Its like there names are describing an event or something. It felt kind of creepy when i noticed this.

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Latin, not Greek
i think many have noticed that :)

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That isn't a correlation. They are all names after different things. A "month" is not related to a "flower" or "weather".

The only similarity is that they are all named after something. But then most names come from something.

Oooo well aren't you a big shot i was just thinking outside of the box for once and also i said that there names put together are like describing a date or an event. like maybe it describes a misty May morning with the sun coming up over the horizon with a rainbow over the sun i dont know it could look like the top half of a pokeball to someone . I dont know Be creative, think a little bit more about things, it dosent always have be that simple.
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Not an insult just trying to explain my self
You may explain yourself without insulting others...
I see what you're asking but my answer is no, that's not why they named the characters that. If you can put them all together to make a story that's just a coincidence.
Calm down and focus on what i am trying to tell you, this probably is some big coincidence , but i would like to think of it as something else, to make my stressful and boring life just that much more interesting, but others come by and say that its all dumb and pick it apart, i'm just trying inform people so that maybe it would spark the slightest of interest in someone else, that's all.
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I can see it. Also Iris is the colored part of youre eye as well as a flower. so lets see
Misty Weather
Before May
before Dawn
Brings /May/ Flowers/Iris
There very well may be a corralation!

Edit: Maybe mist is gonna give Iris and May flowers :P
Edit2:Or wrap Iris in a box and give it to may 0o0 0_o

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April SHowers/MIsts bring !!!!!MAY!!!! Flowers/Iris
Hey look someone had something nice to say :D
Those words by the way are lyrics in a song by Sugarland.