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Like Pidgeot is confirmed to be both Pid-jit and pid-gey-ot

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'Sinnoh official guidebook' The guidebooks and stuff are not to be trusted sometimes, many mistakes slip through. Also Arceus is now Ar-key-us because Ar-see-us sounds like a naughty British word
Why don't "cough" and "through" sound the same?

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It’s tricky to find multiple official sources with pronunciations, since the anime is one of the only sources with voice acting. However, there are many Pokémon guide books that list pronunciations. I happen to own two copies of the Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook, which has a pronunciation for every Pokémon prior to Gen VII. Using my handbook and the Internet, here are all the ones I’ve found so far:

Pidgeot: PID-jē-ät in the anime, PID-jit in Pokédex 3D Pro
Rattata: RA-ta-ta in the anime, ruh-TA-tuh in Pokédex 3D Pro and the PDEH
Ponyta: PŌ-nē-tä in the anime, po-NĒ-tuh in P3DP and the PDEH
Gardevoir: GÄR-de-vwôr in the anime, P3DP, and Smash Bros., “GAR-dee-vwar” in the PDEH
Regice: re-jē-AIS in the anime, “rej-ICE” in the PDEH
Kyogre: kē-Ō-grē in the anime, kī-Ō-gər in P3DP (and I think some commercials I saw as a child?)
Groudon: GRŪ-dən in the anime, GROU-dän in P3DP (I also remember this from a commercial)
Deoxys: dē-ŌK-sis in the anime, dē-ÄK-sis in P3DP
Arceus: ÄR-sē-əs in the anime, ÄR-kē-əs later in the anime (they changed it when they realized the original sounded like a British curse word)
Mienfoo: mē-yen-FŪ in the anime, MĒN-fū in P3DP, “MEEN-FOO” in the PDEH
Mienshao: mē-yen-SHOU in the anime, mēn-SHOU in P3DP, “MEEN-SHOW” in the PDEH

And a bonus…
Kanto: KAN-tō in the anime, KÄN-tō in Pokémon Masters (according to Misty, who calls it KAN-tō in the anime!)

This definitely isn’t all of them, so I’ll add more later.

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As far as I know (and my research shows), there are no Pokemon that actually have multiple pronunciations... simultaneously, that is.

To your end, though, there have been some Pokemon that have changed their pronunciations over the years. Although not exactly your question, here is the list:

Arceus, from ar-see-uhs to ark-ee-uhs...

...and that's all. There have been handbooks and various unofficial sources that have different pronunciations (e.g. the old dubbing of the anime, various Stadium games).

It's very possible, though, that I'm missing something -- if anybody finds anything, please feel free to post your own answers!