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I know Ash, Delia, Prof. Oak, Sycamore (I don't know about the other profs.) and that's it. I could have just stupidly forgotten some but I'm wondering if there's more.

i think stracy got one

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All I know of:
Ash Ketchum
Samuel Oak
Delia Ketchum
Gary Oak
Cedric Juniper
Aurea Juniper
Augustine Syamore
Steven Stone
Sapphire Birch (Manga)
Yvonne Gabena (Manga)
Tracy Sketchit

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Thanks! (Filler)
Trip Juniper, Brock Harrison??, Joseph Stone, Daisy Oak (games), Professor Westwood
Victor, Victoria, Vito, Vicky and Vivi Winstrate
Mr Contesta and Mr Sukizo (no idea what their first names are)
Brock Harrison? I saw that on bulbapedia but it's not canon according to them.
We also have Misty Williams (yes the misty and brock ones are real as they were in the 3 part manga adaptation of indigo league from japan only which was written by someone who helped make the anime)