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I know that names are normally combinations of words, but are there any that are literally a word, or extremely close to one word, like word-o, or something like that.

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There are some Pokemon like Shiftry (shifty + tree) and Swellow (swell + swallow) whose name is comprised of 2 words but it sounds a lot like an existing word, with a small differnece. Should I include those too? Should I also include mons like Gengar (doppelganger) and Hypno (hypnosis)?
Don't include the first one. And no again, because hypno isn't an actual word, it has to be the full word. Thanks Ignis.
Ekans and Arbok are Snake and Kobra (which is close to cobra)
The OP wanted all of them.
This does not add anything at all to my answer.

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Caterpie (caterpillar, an insect)
Kakuna (cocoon, a pupa made by insects for metamorphosis)
Pidgey (pigeon, a bird)
Pidgeotto (pigeon, a bird)
Pidgeot (pigeon, a bird)
Ekans (snake, a limbless reptile)
Arbok (cobra, a type of venomous snake)
Paras (parasite, a symbiotic relationship where the host is harmed and is used as a home)
Gloom (dim + bloom, low light levels + producing flowers)
Meowth (meow, a noise cats make)
Persian (Persians, a type of cat)
Alakazam (alakazam, a word associated with magic)
Graveler (gravel, rock fragments)
Golem (Golem, a figure in Jewish mythology created from clay and mud)
Slowpoke (slowpoke, someone who is slow)
Farfetch'd (far-fetched, unlikely)
Seel (seal, an aquatic mammal)
Grimer (grime, dirt)
Muk (muck, dirt)
Haunter (haunter, someone who scares and torments others)
Onix (onyx, a type of rock)
Drowzee (drowsy, sleepy)
Electrode (electrode, an electrical conductor)
Koffing (coughing, expulsion of air from the lungs to get rid of irritants)
Weezing (wheezing, difficulty breathing)
Chansey (chance, luck)
Tangela (tangle, a twisted clump of strands)
Scyther (scythe, a weapon that resembles an axe and a sword)
Jynx (jinx, a curse)
Pinsir (pincer, a body part of an arthropod that allows it to grip objects)
Tauros (Taurus, a bull in Greek mythology)
Ditto (ditto, a duplicate)
Porygon (polygon, a figure with many sides)
Kabuto (kabuto, a ancient Japanese war helmet)
Mew (mewing, a noise made by cats)
Bayleef (bay leaf, leaves from the bay tree)
Hoothoot (hoot, a sound made by owls)
Ledyba (corruption of ladybug/ladybird, a beetle that stereotypically has red wings with black dots on them)
Chinchou (chochin, Japanese for 'lantern')
Cleffa (clef, a musical symbol)
Natu (Atu, the first man in Samoan mythology)
Yanma (yanma, Japanese for 'large dragonfly')
Wooper (Wooper Looper, the Japanese name given to a pet axolotl or salamander)
Unown (unknown, not known)
Pineco (pine cone, the seed producer of the pine tree)
Forretress (fortress, a defensive structure)
Scizor (scissor, an object used for cutting things like paper and hair)
Porygon2 (polygon 2)
Smoochum (smooch 'em, kissing something)
Blissey (bliss, happiness)
Lugia (luego, Latin for 'lie dormant')
Ho-oh (Hōō, a phoenix in Chinese culture)
Mudkip (mudskipper, a subfamily of amphibious fish)
Kirlia (kirlian, a type of photography concerned with psychic aura)
Makuhita (makushita, a division of sumo wrestling)
Hariyama (hariyama, Japanese for 'pincushion')
Plusle (plus, a positive symbol or charge)
Minun (minus, a negative symbol or charge)
Illumise (illuminate, to light up)
Gulpin (gulping, a swallowing noise)
Corphish (crawfish, a crustacean)
Absol (absolution, getting rid of guilt)
Wynaut (why not?)
Beldum (dumbbell, equipment used in weight training)
Deoxys (deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA)
Starly (starling, a family of small to medium-sized birds)
Hippopotas (hippopotamus, a large African mammal)
Magnezone (magnetic zone, a region surrounding a magnetic object)
Lickilicky (lick, touching something with a tongue)
Rotom (motor, an object that converts energy into mechanical energy)
Shaymin (shaman, someone who tries to contact spirits)
Roggenrola (rock 'n' roller, someone who plays rock n' roll)
Timburr (timber, wood)
Gurdurr (girder, a steel beam)
Throh (throw, to toss)
Sawk (sock, to punch)
Cottonee (cottony, something that is as soft as/has cotton)
Scraggy (scraggy, thin and scrawny)
Tirtouga (tortuga, Spanish for 'turtle')
Zorua (zorro, Spanish for 'fox')
Swanna (swan, large birds from the Cygnus genus)
Foongus (fungus, a taxonomic kingdom that includes mushrooms and molds)
Amoonguss (among us, from the phrase 'fungus among us', an omnipresent video game)
Klink (clink, sound of metal being hit by a small metal object)
Klang (clang, sound of metal being hit by a large metal object)
Elgyem (L.G.M (little green man), referring to aliens)
Beheeyem (B.E.M. (bug eyed monster), referring to aliens )
Floette (florette, cluster of flowers)
Spritzee (spritz, perfume)
Hoopa (hoop, a circular plastic object or band)
Wishiwashi (wishy-washy, weak)
Kartana (katana, a Japanese sword)
Indeedee (indeed, used to confirm or agree with something previously suggested)

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