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I remember that old bit of trivia that Mew was the first Pokemon name to be copyrighted, even before the word 'pokemon' was. But are all Pokemon names copyrighted now? I wouldv'e thought it was mainly just starters and legendaries, because I remember the the sun and moon starters names in Japanese were leaked before they were officially revealed because they were registered as copyrighted. But how come every new Pokemon wasn't leaked that way? So it must only be some of them.

Do you mean English names, Japanese names, or something else?
I would assume all of them, but perhaps most of them are copyrighted after the game's release?
I was only really interested in which of the English names are copyrighted now.
All of them durr
Do you have any source(s), and if not, any reasoning for knowing that all of them are copyrighted?

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I believe all of them are copyrighted, except real words, like Ditto. Other examples include Gloom, possibly Seel, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Golem, and Weezing (Ekans, Arbok, and Rotom are words spelled backwards).


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Dewgong is a real word. There is a animal named Dugong.
Do you have any evidence that all of them are copyrighted apart from the ones that are real words?
The Noby, I have a Pokemon poster that shows all Pokemon names, therefore I have some idea as to what is copyrighted.
Is Octillery copyrighted?
No, it is not.
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