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Or is not a critical capture then?
I mean, if the ball stopped mid-air and all, could the Pokemon still escape?

I am curios.

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A totally new mechanic of capture is the Critical Capture. This feature
works like Critical Hits in battle where there is a slight chance that
this feature occurs. Critical Capture will be noticed when you throw the
Pokéball. It'll pause in mid-air and make a metal noise. When it hits the
Pokémon, it will shake once and capture. This cuts two of the four
random calculations out of the overal capture mechanic making it more likely
to capture the Pokémon. However, it can still fail.

So yes, it can still fail.

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I once had a critical capture on Lilligant... But it failed.
Mine failed too, but it was on a riolu or something.
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Well if it failed it technically wouldnt be a capture, but the ball can fail to capture a poke once it shakes resemblimg the shaking of a critical capture.

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