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There's a YouTube video of a Zebstrika with a name showing up on victory road as the videoer was tryin to reach the elite four. If you want you can view is called Denis the Menace by giancarloparimingo11. He let it go at route 3. Now it back. I was wondering if he used an AR code or what.


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No matter what when a pokemon is released it can never be found again. He did use hacks

1)Fake Right here at the first ten seconds:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAVvFQvNSMo

2)Even says on his channel that he uses hacks or makes his own

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But have you tried it out? I heard of you I've your pokemon a name an it's happiness reaches a certain point that if you let it go it will come back. Also I think that was the genosectic Meloetta and Keldeo event since he had the Japanese version(only reason is because he makes a Japanese version of a walkthrough before it comes out in America and then has English version).
Wait nvm it was a cheat. Sorry for the misunderstanding.