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Like a gym leader or any random trainer asking for a battle have a Shiny Pokemon?


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Okay. THERE IS 1 trainer. Just 1.
In the Trainer Tower on Seven Island in FireRed and LeafGreen, there is a trainer with a Shiny Espeon.

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I concur, I believe the 1/8192 chance applies to EVERY Pokemon.
I've actually encountered a trainer with a shiny Ninjask in the Trainer Hill in Pokemon Emerald.
I mean 100% chance. This trainer ALWAYS has a green, shiny Espeon.
Oh oh! I see; well that's interesting! :o
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I have been playing Pokemon for a very long time and I have never come across a trainer / gym leader with any shiny pokemon, so no, I don't think they can...

((in the show, pokemon, doesn't Iris have a shiny Hydreigon?))

you are thinking in the new pokemon move that is Carlita's hydreigon
There is one trainer.
yeah, thats who im thinking of!, and Mew, what game is the shiny espeon in? i've never encountered a trainer w/ any sort of shiny...or legendary for that matter.
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There is a trainer with a shiny Feraligatr in the trainer tower at 7 island. It was probably done to introduce shiny Pokemon to new players