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So, Technician multiples the power of a move by 1.5 if the move has a power of 60 or less.
Take Bullet Punch: Power of 40
40 1.5 = 60
The new power is 60. So, my question is:
Would the new power of 60 be multiplied by 1.5 again, since it still falls under the condition of the ability??
1.5 = 60 * 1.5 =90 ??

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Does that mean that moves with base power of 60 is 60 *times* 30?
Not times 30, PLUS 30.
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Ok I am going to answer clearly to sum things up because both answers to this question are a bit confusing. Technician powers up moves with base power below 60 by 50%.

This boost only occurs once, it does not keep on boosting until the base power is above 60. Example: Scizor with Technician uses Bullet-punch, Bullet-punch has 40 Base power, so this gets multiplied by 1.5, 1.5 x 40 = 60. It does not get boosted by Technician again. Though in this case (I think that this is what Saz meant) Scizor gets STAB from Bullet-punch so it gets boosted by STAB too 90 Base-power, but this is not by Technician.

It is worth noting that moves that hit twice such as Double hit have both of the moves increased by 1.5 not just one, but it is still only one boost per move.


1 Boost per move.

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Thank you. Coincidentally, i was doing this research for a Scizor with Bullet Punch. You Rock
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Moves 40 power or under would only get boosted once by Technician.

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No it's 60 that's why Pokemon like syther use areal ace
His question was if moves under 40 power get boosted twice by Techinian. I know it's 60 power; I was just answering his question.
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Yes, it would get boosted like that, because Scizor gets stab, and the base power of Bullet Punch is 40.

He wasn't asking about STAB.
If you look at his mathematical equation, this is a perfectly fine answer. I said (referring to the equation) that it is boosted the same way he has in the equation. Because of Technician and stab, it is 40 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 90