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Does a move that already has 60 power get boosted by STAB and boosted again by Technician?

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Of course it does.

Why wont it?
If a STAB move has 60 BP and is used by a Pokemon with Technician (60x1.5x1.5) , its base power will be 135.

Source - basic understanding of STAB and Technician.

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Why won't it? Well maybe GamerOrange thought that if a move with a base power of 60 or less got a 1.5x raise due to STAB and became greater than 60 then you wouldn't get the boost from Technician. This is only not true because the base power of a move is calculated before the STAB is applied and this includes the boost from Technician - for moves of the base power 60 or less of course.
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Yes. STAB applies to all normal damaging moves (with certain exceptions like fixed damage moves, etc.).

So a Scizor with Technician will still receive STAB on Bullet Punch.

40 (Bullet Punch BP) x 1.5 (STAB) = 60
60 x 1.5 (Technician) = 90

Source - Game FAQs

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